Free Microsoft Points

Everybody loves something for free and Xbox Live Gamers are no exception.

Every month thousands of Xbox live gamers search online for free microsoft points, free xbox live, xbox microsoft point, free microsoft points for xbox 360, microsoft points generator, microsoft point codes, ms points generator and the list of search terms go on.

Microsoft points generators really dont work, They are made to fill your pc with spyware/trojans and virus’s and steal your xbox live account details.

If microsoft points generators did work, microsoft would have taken measures to check purchased points against ones used on customers Xbox live accounts.

Microsoft points generators dont work.

Read on to find out how you can get free microsoft points legally and safe without giving out your xbox live details.

How to get free microsoft points legally and safe!

Points2Shop is a website that rewards its members for completing free offers and signing up for free to other websites.

Points2Shop will email you microsoft points code’s for simply completing offers and signing up to free websites.

No credit card is required to use this site to get free microsoft points.

It wont cost you any money from signing up to Points2Shop to recieving your free microsoft points.

Advertisers pay Points2Shop to advertise >> Points2Shop rewards its members with a large amount of what the advertisers pay Points2Shop

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Getting started

Step 1 ) Sign up to Points2Shop for free by clicking the green Its free and Fun! Sign Up image on the front page.

Use a real email address  to sign up with because this is the email address your free microsoft points code will be emailed to.

Use your correct name and address during sign up because this will be the name and address your other prizes will be sent to.

step 2 ) check your email to confirm your email address and recieve 250 points free ($2.50).

step 3 ) Congratulations, you are now a member of points2shop and can now complete some free easy offers to get your free microsoft points. Offers are easy and free so it shouldn’t take you long to get your free microsoft points.


There is a shoutbox on the site where u can chat to other members, ask questions and get help.

Click on other users names to see how much they have earned and what rewards they have recieved.

Points2Shop is not limited to just microsoft points, you can get anything that is on amazon, xbox live games, head sets, consoles, Xbox LIVE Gold 3-Month Membership Card and much more.

You can even withdraw money you have earned to paypal (not points).

So if you havent already, sign up to Points2Shop and get your free microsoft points.